CrutchYesterday at Church we sang We are marching in the light of God. Happily for me, I’m a percussionist, the singing was good. The syncopation was good too, much better than it was a few years back.

Looking around after the service I noticed the number of people in the church who use sticks and crutches to walk. I commented facetiously, “We ought to add a verse, We are limping in the love of God.” Not during the service, but during the after service coffee. Even someone like me has limits to their tactlessness.

It may have been a joke, but it isn’t far from the truth. None of use is worthy to worship God, let alone lead, our best efforts are like limping along compared to a march. The best we can do is mere rubbish compared to what God deserves. Yet we do it.

We do it because God is worthy of praise and longs for the best we can do. And so we give our best, and God accepts it.

40 blogs of Lent day 3


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