Head transplant

I was thinking of titling this GET AHEAD or I AIN’T GOT NO BODY, but the NewScientist article has got a better one: It’s heady stuff.

The sensationalism aside, and the Daily Telegraph with its Frankenstein headline is as sensationalist as it gets, my first thought was, “Why?”

Because where the muscle structure  or nerve structure has deteriorated or is riddled with cancer this could be the answer, though the scientists are in disagreement about this.

babt adult

But rather than look at this ethically, I’ll take a different twist. The theological one.

Bodies are important. The Bible says that we shall be given new bodies, the idea of disembodies souls floating around in some spiritual world is not one I recognise from the Bible. Bodies are what we are, it is part of our identity. As we will be given new bodies after death, new ones not reconditioned ones, then I don’t have a problem of a body transplant. We have heart, kidney and lung transplants. Body transplants are the same thing on a larger scale.

On the other hand we identify with our bodies. What will it do to psychologically to the person with a new body? Will they still identify with the old body when they look down on the new different one?

In the words of the old song, There are more questions than answers.

Tell me what you think

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