Why does God not heal is a question close to my heart. Nine years of pain had ne asking the wrong question.

The question is why does God heal.

The question “Why doesn’t God heal,” is full of problems. It assumes that the healing of everyone is what God wants, so we have to wonder why he sometimes does and sometimes does not heal. I spend too much time asking God to do something and then blaming God for not doing what I wanted him to do.

What I want is healing, or if it does not get better at least some time free of pain. So I repeatedly ask for healing, and when I do not get what I want like a petulant child blame God. What I should be seeking is God’s will, or God himself.

The Apostle Paul had his thorn in the flesh, whatever that was, which he prayed that God would take away, then moved on. It is well past the time I moved on.

The purpose of signs, wonders and various gifts of the Holy Spirit, as Hebrews chapter 2 puts it, is to bear witness. It is to bear witness to Jesus.

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