It is east to forget when you are looking at the Bible closely, as I am doing with the book of Hebrews, that the Bible is not a text book.

Neither is it a book about philosophy. Not that there isn’t any philosophy, and very good philosophy, in there. But that isn’t what the Bible is about either.

The format is  story. A series of stories which combine into a much bigger story.

It is at first the story of a family, then a history of a nation. Then the story of Jesus, followed by the story of his followers.

But it is also the story of God. And the story of God intertwines with the other stories in a number of interactions to become the story of a relationships.

All the other bits, te songs of praise, the philosophy, the words of warning from the prophets, the letters to young churches, are all part of one story, the developing story of God with a people, and with individuals.

How is your relationship with God?

Tell me what you think

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