Let’s talk about sex.

Eroticism in the Bible

SalomeWeb surfing a couple of days ago I came across the Answering Christian site. Particularly a blog from 2011 on why sexual language in the Bible means the Bible cannot be the word of God.


There are Christians who have the same problem. To them there is the spiritual and the physical, good and bad. So they allegorise  books of the Bible like the Song of Solomon to make them about Christ and the Church or God and his people.

I believe in doing so they are both right and wrong.


They’re wrong because God is interested in the full welfare of people not just the so called spiritual. In short God is interested in sex. It is his idea. And not just for procreation.

Blow upon my garden,
that its spices may flow out.
Let my beloved come into his garden,
and eat his pleasant fruits.
Song of Solomon 4:16

That’s right, there’s oral sex in the Bible. The Bible’s most erotic book talks about the fun of sex without mentioning children once. The ‘sex is for procreation’ guys had better think again. Sex is for helping two people grow closer by being plain joyful. Yes it is about children as well, but even without that it is pretty good.


They are right because the analogy rings true. There is something about the relationship with Jesus that is like a sexual relationship. Those ‘Jesus is my boyfriend’  songs are not far from the sentiments in the Song of Solomon, if a bit less explicit.

Jesus loves you as passionately as any physical lover. His love is so strong that he was prepared to endure anything for you.

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