the Bible

The Bible, What is it?

Its a book of God and a book about God.

But it is also a book about people, about peoples relationship with God, God’s relationship with people and people’s relationship with people.

It is about God relating with individuals, with groups of people and nations.

And it is about people relating to God by writing poetry, songs and philosophy.

There is law, God saying what his standards are; and prophesy; God saying what he thinks. And there’s Wisdom literature, people saying what they think about God.

There’s even an erotic book.

Bible_paperAll this is set in the context of a story. the story of a group of tribes becoming a nation, and he story of God becoming man and the story of the start of the church.

What it is not is a textbook. Just using a Bible verse does not prove your point, you just end up with those games of text tennis that the internet is full of.

It is God breathed. People inspired by God have said, “This is what God is saying.” But others equally inspired have written songs of praise, poetry, history, philosophy and even ranted at God — yet there is still beauty in the angry psalms. The bible tells of people doing Gods will and of people doing what they thought was Gods will and getting it very, very wrong.

It is also a book of power. When you read the Bible, or the Bible is read over you in a service it goes out in power. It will do what God wants it to do.

And despite its many authors, many styles and tensions the Bible is God’s word to his people.

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