Do not over analyse

Sipech was right.

In last month’s blog off he wrote:

To me the starting point of Christianity has to be Jesus. Many have started off with the idea of “God” and many words are spilled before we even get onto Jesus.

And that is it. It is the be all and end all of how we approach the Bible, as Sipech said:

This understanding is then the lens that we put in our glasses, and through which we view the rest of the bible and the world.

I wrote this on the last blog. How I read the Bible:

This is where I fall down often. I love to analyse just about everything. As a child I used to pull toys apart to see how they worked — the result was they didn’t work. Over analysing is like that, it breaks things. It breaks the link between myself and God and becomes a purely intellectual exercise. The focus in reading the Bible should be about relationship. The Bible is not a neat book about theology, it is a story of a relationship between God and a people: First with a few people and then with a nation and then a church. It is also the story of those people’s relationship with themselves and other people outside. I have to keep on reminding myself that relationship is where it is at when it comes to scripture.

I over analyse. I find analysing things my natural way of doing things, I even see patterns in car registration plates and telephone numbers. I know that logically these things are random. But I work from a different kind of logic. A psychologist has suggested that what I have is consistent with Aspergers Syndrome, and I should be checked out. But no funding is available on the NHS. So who knows?

Maybe at the high functioning end of the autistic spectrum, that would explain a lot.

But over analysing makes me lose the focus that all of what we do as Chrustians is about Jesus.

Sipech was right,

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