40 blogs in Lent.

Happy Ash Wednesday everyone.

40 blogs of Lent – day 1


As in previous years I am doing something extra in Lent, rather than giving something up (being diabetic means that the things people normally give up for Lent, such as chocolate or sweets are already on my cannot eat or occasional treat list). So I am taking up regular blogging again. The extra prater and study that goes into preparing the content is my Lenten discipline.

There are 46 days from today, Ash Wednesday, to the day often wrongly called Easer Saturday but actually called either Holy Saturday or Easter Eve (Thanks to Harry Clough, a Vicar from my childhood for hammering that one home). So the extra 6 days give me a cushion in time. The Sundays in Lent were always days of celebration, not fasting.

This year I will be looking at the I am sayings in John’s Gospel, which should take some days up, and also the Monday blogs will be something about the previous day’s visit to church, it could be about the songs, the readings or the liturgy. Sometimes God chooses to speak to people though conversations over the post service coffee, so that is possible too. The adventure there is that there is no preparation time.

So here I go. Happy Lent.

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