The ‘I am’ Passages in John’s Gospel

John and the I am statements of Jesus.

40 blogs of Lent – day 2

This is what will make up the bulk of my blogs this lent.

The plan looks like this, but expect deviations from the plan. The quotes are from John’s Gospel unless otherwise

The I am sayings of Jesus

  1. I am he (John 4:1-26) 
  2. It is I, do not be afraid (6:16-21) 
  3. I am the bread of life ( 6:25-51) 
  4. I am the light of the world (8:12-30) 
  5. Even before Abraham was I am (8:58)
  6. I am the door (10:1-21)
  7. I am the good shepherd (10:1-21) 
  8. I am the resurrection… (11:1-27) 
  9. I am the way… (14:1-14) 
  10. …and the truth… (ibid)
  11. …and the life… (11:1-27, 14:1-14)
  12. I am the true vine – my father is the vinedresser(15:1)
  13. I am the vine, you are the branches (15:5)
  14. In the Gethsemane prayer: (twice in 17:11 and also in vv 14, 16,24)
  15. To Pilate at the trial – You say that I am a king (18:37)
  16. Indirectly  “This man said ‘I am the king of the Jews’” (19:21)
  17. I am the alpha and omega (Rev 1:1-8, 22:12-16) 

Plus a couple of guys who said I am not:

  1. John the Baptist –  (1:20-21, 27)
  2. Peter – (18:17, 25)


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