The joy of giving

Giving day

40 blogs of Lent, day 23

Holy Trinity Huddersfield, Sunday 6 March 2016

Today was another service of two parts. Firstly, as the 4th Sunday in Lent it was Mother’s Day, an that took up a good part of the service, but it was also our giving day.

Giving is not just about money either. All the rotas of the church, from leading the intercessions to making coffee, have been suspended and people have been asked to put their names forward to the teams they feel that God is calling them. The idea is to allow anyone to be involved, and to prevent people from doing too much and being on too many lists.

The exceptions are children’s/youth work and music. If you are involved in these areas you have been asked not to put your name forward for other areas. As a musician that’s me sorted.

The rest of the service, communion on the first week of the month, went as normal. The sermon was about Mary and John, being given to each other at the foot of the cross.

But the things that stood out for me from the sermon, as usual, were not the main points.

There was a question (a general question, not specific about our church), about whether people hand about at the back of churches after the service and no one speaks to them. Guilty as charged, I grabbed a quick cup of coffee and was straight back in to pack away my percussion, all those stands to pack away. I think my conversation amounted to saying, “Nice hat.”

The website Ship of Fools recognises this, their Mystery Worshipper has the question, “What happened when you hung around after the service looking lost?” and a question about the quality of the coffee. We have the second one right (though some people insist on ruining it by adding milk and/or sugar πŸ™‚ ). As for speaking to people, that is something that needs constant vigilance.

But less of my asides and back to the service.

We are supposed to be a distinctive community. A community that forgives and forbears. We are to let our guards down to let ourselves be vulnerable and not to bear grudges, Grace is what makes the difference.

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