If you thought that was bad …

… just wait.

EU Referendum 2016

Just two weeks to go, and the British people are getting sick of the constant battle of conflicting reasons and contradicting statistics from the remain and out campaigns.

brexit-shutterstock2If the press and media are to be believed it is very much a Conservative battle, blue against blue. If you do not like the present policies of the Conservative Party it is amusing to see them attempt to make themselves unelectable. But are they?

There was a referendum before. 41 years ago the votes had been counted, and a vast majority voted to remain in the EEC, or Common Market, as the EU was then known. — two thirds of those who voted voted to remain.

There are parallels between the two referenda.

Last time the Government, that time Labour, had given government ministers a free vote, and several campaigned against the official government line.

Last time there were politicians from different sides campaigning together. Former Prime Minister and Conservative leader Edward Heath campaigned alongside Labour Home Secretary and later President of the European Commission Roy Jenkins. These strange alliances continue, with present Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron campaigning alongside Labour Mayor of London, Sadiq Kahn.

The Tory haters will be disappointed. Just as Labour did not self-destruct in 1975 I can’t see the Torys falling apart this time either.

What I cannot see is a return of the landslide remain result. This time I predict it being much closer. I also cannot see the result, whatever it is, being accepted. Does anyone expect Nigel Farage to back down and accept a remain result?

No. The after the event rhetoric will be worse than before. If you thought what we have now is bad just wait. You ain’t seen nothing yet.


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