The parable of the football match

The kingdom of God is like a football match, which …    … erm…

Not a good start…

Ten days ago I blogged:

So why do we not hear modern day parables? Where is the story of a football match related to God’s will?

As I had written that, I thought I may as well rise to the challenge. It was not as easy as I thought.

First half.

First attack:

I have already used the story of Jeremiah at the house of the potter as the means of a retelling using a football match.

Oddly it was a Manchester United win that year too. Odd because I do not support them. That was back in 2004. That was before I started blogging so it is lost somewhere. I did not wish to repeat myself, so I have discounted that step.

Attempt saved.

Second attack:

This time I wanted to set the story of a team. The problem was it is a game between (usually) equal teams, and the Gospel is not about the battle between good and evil as if they were equals. Time to bring on the substitute and a new tack for the second half.

Half time 0-0

Second half

Wimbledon to the rescue: After the old Wimbledon FC deserted their fans in South London to move 56 miles northwest to Milton Keynes to become the MK Dons in 2003, the new team that rose from the ashes, AFC Wimbledon, have won promotion to League 1 where next season they will meet MK Dons.

Resurrection. This is what Jesus is all about.

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