Give us time


EU referendum notes for both sides

For those who voted remain.

You no doubt woke up on Friday morning and were disappointed by the referendum result. We all were. That disappointment may have left you feeling numb, or angry, or depressed. Different people will be affected in different ways. In the days to come we may go through a range of those feelings. The more you cared about staying in the EU the stronger your feelings are likely to be. I was angry.

Notice that I said go through the feelings. Staying angry will not help anyone. The person it will help least is yourself. But please, please whilst you are going through your feelings, which will need to be expressed try not to abuse those who voted leave. Most did not vote leave because they are racist scumbags, or selfish little Englanders. A small number were, all sides have their fruitcakes, and the leave campaign is no exception. Do not judge the majority by the actions of a few.

In a short time we will need to act together for the best of us all. I am not talking about the national level here, but individually. The people of this country have been split and the split was pretty even.  Try not to vent your anger in public too much that it hurts the leave voters. We need to be reconciled.

For those who voted leave.

Congratulations, you won, we lost. The margins were small, but we lost.

Please try not to be too smug. The people who voted the other way from you are feeling disappointed and angry. Some may have already have vented their anger at you, and you may now be feeling angry yourself. Please do not retaliate, the last thing this country needs is civil war. The Britain you voted for, one outside the EU, will need as many people as possible working together to avoid a disaster, which is what a divided nation will become.

Please give us time to come to terms with out disappointment, the process on leaving the EU takes two years. (That’s Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty, if you want to look it up.) Ignore those in the other EU countries who say we have to leave quickly, We have got plenty of time. Like those Brits who voted Remain, EU leaders will also be disappointed. Give them time to come to terms with it.

One thought on “Give us time

  1. Again, thank you for saying this. It’s good to know others are saying the same as me. Maybe they’ll start listening to us soon. We can only live life from where we are, and while it may not be where people wanted us to be, it is not an intrinsically bad place. It is, however, up to us to work to make sure it is a good place.

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