Violence must stop

Since the EU exit referendum there has been increasing violence against immigrants. In some cases the perpetrators idea could be someone who was born here. Their parents and grandparents could be born here, but that does not matter to a racist. All that matters is they don’t look talk or smell like we do.

The racists are emboldened because having voted to leave the EU they think that 52% of the British people think like they do.

Not all of them do. I share a desk at work with someone who tried to convince people to vote leave, yet never used immigration as a reason. He also dislikes UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

There were a number of good reasons for voting leave, I’ll admit. I found the remain case stronger, but there were reasons other than dislike of foreigners or the undefined Sovereignty.

But something inside me cannot let go of the idea that running the out campaign on the issue of imiration has encouraged the racists, Lets hope it is short term.

What may surprise some people is that I am in favour of some kind of immigration control. Not to limit the number of people who can come here, just the rate at which they arrive.

Britain has a recent history of assimilating people from other countries into our culture. Controlled immigration will mean that the next time there is an international refugee crisis, such as is happening in Iraq and Syria, we will have more of a capacity to accept those in the most need. There will always be people who need help, let us be in the position to actually do it.

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