Above and Beyond

Above and beyond what?

Holy Trinity Huddersfield, Sunday 2 April 2017

I don’t know how to blog this, as it was a very internal thing.

What follows is more or less my first draft. I was aiming for it to be more upbeat. It was delivered in a worship service and worship was what it was about. But this is what I wrote…

We cancelled to 9.00 am service and asked everyone to come to the 10.45. We mixed the music styles, Starting and ending with the organ, with the worship band filling the middle.

It was an appeal week. We were told of the needs of the church, waterproofing the church is the big one. With the 200th anniversary of the building coming up in 2019, we were told of the design fault – the building has always leaked, and never been really warm. Tales of services years ago with icicles hanging from the balconies and the number of schemes to heat the building abounded. That is the downside of late Georgian Gothic design.  The church is now warmer than it has ever been, but the boiler is over 20 years old and in need of replacing.

But it is not just buildings that need funding. The money put aside which pays the wages of our Children’s minister and Music leader is to run out in a year or so too. We do not wish to make any any of our staff redundant.

The appeal is to raise a quarter of a million pounds over 4 years. The first prayer meeting for this is tonight (Monday).

The the video shot by the drone flying over the building and round the tower was impressive.

…That is what I wrote. I forgot to mention the buzz during the after service meal (which is another thing I did not mention). People were encouraged by what they saw God was doing. We have yet to see how much money will be raised. But we are encouraged that we can trust in God.

This blog is my own view and is not necessarily that of the church leadership.

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