What will Jesus do next?

Palm Sunday

Sunday 9th April, 2007, Holy Trinity, Huddersfield.

As usual when talking about a service these are my impressions after the event. I have taken no notes or anything to fall back on.

This was a family service, so there was a talk to the children and a drama rather than a reading. There was also the  baptism of Arabella, a baby girl. Then there was our daughter, her husband and their baby girl. Having your granddaughter at a service is a sure distraction

So what do I remember from the service?

I remember baby Arabella crying as water was poured over her head.
I remember the weather was sunny and warmer than normal for the time of year.cropped-cropped-dscf3980.jpg
I remember our granddaughter , Brooke, being distracted during the service by my soft toy donkey.

Other than that there is only one phrase from the service that I remember. The last line from the drama sketch, which was onlookers explaining to a news reporter about Jesus entering into Jerusalem: “What will Jesus do next?”

That could be the slogan for our church. What will Jesus do next?

In the last few years we have had a new vicar, and the congregation has grown.
We have appointed a children’s minister. The congregation has grown.
We have appointed a worship leader. The congregation has grown.
We have moved from one service on a Sunday morning, with a mixed worship style to two services, one traditional, one contemporary. The congregation has grown.
We have appointed an intern youth leader. The congregation has grown.
We have a new curate. The congregation has grown.

God is answering the prayers of faithful members of the congregation made over years.

I wonder what will Jesus do next?



2 thoughts on “What will Jesus do next?

    1. Thank you for your comment, jinche.

      What you have said is indeed the position of Islaam which I am well aware of. The Christian position is that God is a god of love who wishes all to come to him. Jesus is true man, the man who shows us what God is like because he is God cone down to earth to show his love to all people. I pray that you may know God’s love as I do.

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