Britain’s got Prophesy?

There are times when you think you are listening to the voice of God. They turn up in the most unusual places.

One happened this weekend. Not in church though. That is not to say that nothing prophetic happened in church this weekend, but not this one.

This one was on Britain’s Got Talent. Here it is: (Unless it gets pulled, I never understood copyright.)

Daliso Chaponda was a comedian who appeared on the show. Now I know nothing about Mr Chaponda, I do not know if he is a Christian or not, not even if he has any belief in God at all, although that is unlikely for a Malawian. What I do know is that what I heard, in a comedic routine, was the voice of God speaking in behalf of the poor and downtrodden.

It was a cry for justice . Not in the way that politicians talk about justice, but it echoes with the words of the prophet Amos and the speeches of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. A cry for that kind of justice is what I heard in a joke about dropping fish and chips over Birmingham (sorry to those who have not played video yet, I have ruined a punchline).But it was funny, very funny.


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