End of an era

I am stopping working.

In happier times

I am too tired . Far too tired. All I do is eat, sleep, work and come home too tired to do anything. I am exhausted. Quality of work is being affected as well as quality of life. I am putting quality of life first.

The right foot is still arthritic, and still gives constant pain, though there are good days and bad days. My diabetes should be controlled with drugs, diet and exercise, but I am far too exhausted to exercise. AS to how Asperger’s Syndrome affects this I do not know as it remains in the category of Highly suspected by a psychologist but undiagnosed due to no cross area funding in the NHS.

So I decided to give up working, I handed my notice in last week and will finish at the end of August. Tomorrow I an visiting the doctor.

How things progress from here is all in the air, I have no plans for the blog at the moment, but it is likely to continue in some form.


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