The world is going crazy

Another blog which was written in the period in which I retired, this one the main draft was a month ago.

Political confusion continues.

donald-trump-hair4In the US the President, Donald Trump, continues to hold rallies as if he were electioneering despite it being under a year since he was elected. I continue to be unesy about the anti immigrant rhetoric being expounded  by the leader of a nation of immigrants. Though I doubt Mr Trump would use such long words.

On this side of the Atlantic, anti-immigrant policies are being pursued by the UK government. The Brexit negotiations are following not what the official Leave campaign said, which was about economics and the sovereignty of the British parliament – instead we have deadlock, there is little yet that has been agreed upon.

Spain has a crisis. Catalonia wants independence and the notional government will not let them, And with reason. Catalonia is the richest part of Spain and if it becomes independent Basque and Galicia would be likely to follow.

Muslim refugees are swarming over the Myanmar border with Bangladesh, to escape persecution by buddhists. And conflict continues in Syria and Iraq.

The war of words between the USA and North Korea over nuclear testing seems to have abated for now, but none has shown ant sign of backing down.

And for yet another year Christians are shown to be the most persecuted group in the world, with the level of persecution continuing to increase.

If there is a trend in this, it is that people are looking for scapegoats, someone to blame who re not in their group. Links between different groups are breaking down: Barriers between groups are rising.

I can find little to be optimistic about. Except this: No matter how bad things look God is still in control, let us worship him and pray.

I am on record on these blogs and elsewhere n saying we need more than just prayer, we need action. But other than giving money to refugee causes there is little I can see that can be done.

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