Looking back

Looking back

My old blog balaam.wibsite.com can no longer be accessed.

Using the Wayback Machine I am trying to save whatever can be saved, There are no images available for these old blogs.

This blog is from 31 December 2012

2012 was an eventful year.

Lost my job in May and spent the rest of the year looking for work, only that with my wife working relocation was not possible.

Still we managed to go on holiday with our youngest daughter and her husband, as this was already paid for by mid May. An enjoyable two weeks in Spain soaking up September sun.

And of course getting through a job interview in December, to start in two weeks time.

And I started this blog in January.

The previous blog was on the old St Pixels site. When St Pixels moved to doing services from within a Facebook app blogs were no longer part of the package, which is a shame because they made up a large part of the support which people had for each other. I came to Wibsite because there were already people I knew from Ship of Fools blogging here, a ready community where I can fit in without having to do the hard work of starting from scratch.

Part of what I’ve been publishing this year are old blogs which I have saved from St Pixels, though I haven’t saved any replies to those blogs. I still have a good number of these yet to be republished, going back to 2006, so you can expect to see some old ones continue to be published in the new year when I have a slow news day.

So why do people visit this blog? I’ve been looking at the blog statistics:

Most come here following links from my sig on Ship of Fools, the Wibsite, the St Pixels site or for blatant blog pushing on Twitter and Facebook. Whilst Facebook generates readers it kills blog replies, people commenting on what they’ve read here on Facebook rather than replying on the blog.

But people also come here from search engines. Some re obviously trying to find this. Others are looking for things I’ve blogged about. Searches for making cahones, my home church of Holy Trinity Huddersfield, St Pixels and Calahonda Baptist Church in Spain, which I wrote about when on holiday, have all generated readers.

Other searches are bizarre. I have never blogged about anti-gay protests in Newcastle or Pakistan countryside paintings. How can a search for these topics direct here? I cannot tell. (I can now, due to this blog.)

Then there are people searching for various combinations of things containing the word ‘Ass.’ “Enjoyed up ass accident” is one of the milder ones that have made it here. There are others too shocking for me to pass on. I don’t think this blog is what they were looking for, do you?

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