The naked cyclist (4)

Naked in York

The gallery at the foot of the blog contains frontal nudity,
if you are offended by that do not scroll down.


I’ve done it again, taken my clothes off to promote cycle safety. The nudity is a demonstration of how vulnerable cyclists are on the roads. Tat’s me above with the crash test dummy stickers on to push the point even further.

-A smaller ride tham Manchester two weeks ago, 101 riders took part, a few clothed, over half with decorated bodies, most naked. We were well received again, though there were a few objectors, one shouting that he thought we were disgusting and using language which was disgusting, I can’t understand that one.

All in all an enjoyable event, and I hope the message got across.



I had a near miss returning home from both events.

8th June returning from the Manchester protest a silver estate car reversed out of the entrance just below the Kabana Asian restaurant, across the cycle lane and straight ino the main A640 out of Huddersfield.

Returning from the York protest on the 23rd June further up the same road at where Park Avenue meets the A640 Trinity Street. the car on Park Ave used the line on the outside of the cycle lane as his stop line, causing me to emergency stop again.


The gallery below contains frontal nudity, if you are offended by that do not scroll down


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