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This blog is from 3 January 2013

Mum has dementia. Dad has a bad heart and knees, yet he has become a full time carer. One problem is that dad never cooked, his culinary experetise extends to heating pizzas, cooking bacon and under cooking eggs. On a good day Mum can still cook if supervised. On a bad day even that is difficult.

Over the last seven months I’ve been able to go up to see them regularly (they’re about a 30 minute cycle ride away). But now I have  job, starting next week, these daytime visits will have to end. Which is a shame, as Dad really appreciated being given a few hours off from caring. Unfortunately I can’t take any more time off without money.

Please pray for Mum and Dad.


Mum eventually got too bad for Dad to look after her and went into a care home. She died in September 2016.

Dad is still living in the same house and has a social life based around his church, Christ the King, Battyeford. Last April his only companion, his ageing dog, Bonnie, had to be put down. Dad is feeling lonely.

2 thoughts on “Mum

  1. John

    Your mum was a wonderful person. So much hospitality and welcome. I think the church fulfills a great role in combating loneliness in old age. Your dad is always chipper and fun to be with. Let’s pray for all older people, carers and their families.

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