The combination of bowed instruments and Celtic melody.

Life together

Holy Trinity Church, Huddersfield, Sunday 2 September 2018


September, a new school term, and a return to two morning services. We attended the later contemporary music service, which this week was a family service. We were warned that it may be chaotic. It was. Especially when the preacher and children’s minister was trying to speak and her daughter was moving around at her feet. At some formal services this would have been distracting, at this informal service it seemed somehow appropriate.

The point where God spoke to me was in a later song, the lyric “Christ the Lord overcame the darkness,” coming just three days after I had blogged about giving up my hold on darkness was comforting.

The distraction to me was seeing a viola on the floor near the front of the area where the band were playing, this area is only raised by two steps. My fears were unfounded, none of the children came close to the instrument. Hearing the viola being played, especially during the hymn Be Thou my Vision, was beautiful and haunting, a combination that can often be found when bowed instruments play Celtic melodies.

The message of the service? We do not go to church, the church is people: We are the church. We are not just Sunday people. The question asked was where can we plug into God’s community during the week and be with other Christians? This could be a virtual thing online.

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