Farewell Betty

Ida Betty Hill, 13 July 1937 – 6 January 2019

betty cakeToday is the date of Betty, my mother-in-law’s funeral. She is sadly missed.

I first met Betty in 1980 when I started going out with my now wife of nearly 38 years, Linda. Being one of six children I thought I knew what a chaotic household looked like. I had no idea.

As well as Betty, husband Alan and their three children there were foster children, usually in their teens, up to six at any time, and some of them came with baggage from less than happy situations. it was chaotic, but it worked due to the dedication, love and sometimes sheer bloody-mindedness of Betty and Alan. How it worked I have no idea, but it worked. There was always a welcome and love in that seldom quiet house.

Betty’s caring side continued when later she took on a different position as warden to Abbeyfield house in Ripon, going from caring for the young to the old.

Underpinning Betty’s life was her faith in Jesus. Without that she would have been a different person. When I was going out with Linda some Sundays would have been at my church, Holy Trinity, Huddersfield, an Anglican church, and others at Lockwood Baptist Church, worshipping with Linda, Betty and Alan in their large box pew on the north side of the building.

Goodbye Betty, a generous loving person, a great Christian lady and a true saint.

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