What a mess: Brexit

euuk flagI rarely blog about politics, the last one was on 2nd January this year, but with the exit of the UK from the EU coming in a month I thought I would get something written. The exit day is in the middle of Lent and I will be blogging on other things through that time. Now is the time to get it in.

It is an interesting time in British politics. Members have recently left both Labour and the Conservatives to form The Independant Group or TIG. They need a better name. As both parties are becoming less moderate, the moderates were becoming uneasy.

Labour is on the fence about everything as I see it. Labour leader and Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbin was a vocal critic of the EU before the 2016 referendum then changed round and campaigned Remain. Now he seems to be wavering. It looks like he’s just another populist politician to me, waiting to see what people are saying then making it policy. Peale are divided and so Jeremy dithers. Not good.

Vince Cable, leader of the Liberal democrats and veteran of the last Labour split when the SDP was formed, seems to have nothing at all to say except that he wants to reverse the Brexit vote by having a second referendum. As I blogged in January, I do not expect another referendum, if we have one, to have a different result and I am expecting leave again. I support Remain and am expecting to be yet again disappointed. To get Referendum 2 and lose will be almost certainly goodbye Mr Cable.

Prime Minister Theresa May leading a very divided party on the issue of EU membership, has through the last two years, despite cabinet members leaving at an unprecedented rate and losing votes in parliament, been adamant that we shall leave on March 29th this year. Yesterday she did a u-turn, saying the period of negotiation following article 50 being implemented may be extended. The likely timetable will be:

  • March 12 – A vote in parliament on the exit agreement.
  • March 13 – A Vote on leaving without agreement if the first vote fails.
  • March 14 – A vote on whether to have another referendum if the government loses both the above votes

As always this could change. British politics is currently as changeable as October weather.

One thing about Mrs May that irritates me is when she calls for unity she is telling people to do what she says. Asking for this form of uniformity does not produce unity only dissent and mistrust.

We live in interesting times, unfortunately for us in politics stable times are seldom interesting. If following the majority is the way to go, and in any case we decided to do this when the first referendum on Brexit was called, then a second referendum that has the same result as the first is our best bet at overcoming the differences in the country and becoming stable again.

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