Lent, and what I’m doing with it

Blogging through Lent

40 blogs of Lent: day 1

Lent comes around again, a season where people traditionally give things up, but I will be instead taking things on. Extra blogging. As I have done in the last few years I will be blogging for the 40 fast days, this year will be on parts of Matthew’s Gospel.

Matthew’s Gospel can be broken down into 6 sections, details in this earlier blog, I will be completing the first section, and then following the story of Jesus’ passion in chapters 26 and 27.

The blogs about my impressions of the church service will continue on Mondays, and the series about the names of God in the Old Testament will be moved to Saturday to keep the layout consistent.

So that’s it. My plans for Lent. Let’s see how it goes.

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