Names of God: God is with us

Emmanuel or Immanuel

Names of God – Part

God is with us


I am writing this in th Easter period because there is so much more to God being with us than the Christmas story.

Jesus came, God in human form as prophesied by Isaiah, showed us how to live, taught us that love is of the greatest importance in the Kingdom of God, gave his life to set us free and to save us from ourselves in the crucifixion and in his resurrection welcomes us as brothers and sisters into the family of God.

But Jesus went further after his resurrection, promising to be with us until the end of the age. God is still with us now. God did not desert his followers, God has never deserted his followers, God will never desert us, God is with us always in all we do.

Let us remember that God is with us always this Easter week.

Happy Easter, Jesus is alive.



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