The eighth day

Remember, Rest and Renew

Mowbray Community Church, Harrogate, Sunday 22nd September 2019, 10.00am

mowbray c c

Not the usual church this week. We swapped the delights of Huddersfield for the equal but posher delights of Harrogate to see the first events in the World Road Cycling Championships. We ended up attending Mowbray Community Church, a modern building which looks good and does not show the building origins as a bus depot. The worship band was playing when we arrived slightly late. The leader was singing and playing guitar, with backing from three singers, keyboards, a cojón and a brass player on euphonium and French horn.

We left Holy Trinity Huddersfield in the middle of a sermon series, but visited another church in the middle of a different series. Mowbray was in the fourth sermon on the 10 commandments. This was on the commandment, “Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.

The theme was split, like many sermons, split into three parts, Remember, Rest and renewal. The Sabbath was life and death stuff to the Jews, so important that in the World War II concentration camps some of them still kept the Sabbath os a sign of resistance to the Germans.

Remember the Sabbath, says  Exodus 20:8. Remember God. It covers Who we are and where we come from.

Shabbat means to cease, stop working. There are some who always have to work Sunday, police, nurses, shift workers etc. Leisure often replaces the Church these days. God did not rest because he was tired but because his work was complete. A regular weekly meeting is important. Jesus said, ‘Come to me all who labour…’

Jesus redeems the old week. The 8th day, the start of the second week the week after creation was traditionally the day God’s work of creation is undone. The day of the fall. Resurrection day is the first day of the new age.


Later that day Team GB won the Bronze Medal in the cycling—Team Time Trial  Mixed Relay.

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