Matthew’s Passion: Where did the crowd come from?

A crowd had gathered, a substantial crowd, a crowd that was large enough to cause a riot that the Roman garrison stationed in Jerusalem would not have been able to easily contain. This crowd was looking increasingly nasty. They had already chosen the release of a notorious criminal and condemned an innocent man in his place. But what perplexes me is where this crowd came from.

Judeo-Christianity and Buddhism – a comparison of core values

Judeo-Christianity and Buddhism a comparison of core values Last week I looked at what Christianity had in common with the monotheistic religions of Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. I mentioned that there were philosophical similarities with Buddhism, and I would look at it later. Here it is. Just a table to show how the moral precepts …

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In common

Faith in common? Too often we define other people by what separates us and I will be the first to admit that there is much that separates Christians and people of other faiths, but I believe that there is more that we have in common than what separates us. I think we should first look …

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Do you believe in Genesis or in evolution and the big bang theory? That is a question hat is raised by both the very conservative end of Christianity, and by atheists wanting to make Christianity look ridiculous. I believe both. Or all three, grammar was never my strong point. Two things about Genesis: It was …

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