Church makes me sick

Things are not always what they seem.

I titled this blog “Church makes me sick,” but that is not technically accurate.

What I meant was Church makes me ill… no that’s still not right – try again…

Third time lucky: I became ill because of Church. There, got it right that time. Now for the story,

Monday was a hot day. This should not have been a problem,  I work in an air conditioned office, I should have been cool, but I wasn’t cool, or even warm: It was hot, very hot. What could be worse than the air conditioning breaking down on a hot day? I can tell you, in our quarter of the floor it was blowing hot. Work was more than unpleasant. The hotter I got the more water I drank, the more water I drank the more I sweated, not nice, but necessary.

If I could have gone home after work things would have been good. A cold shower or bath would help to cool me down. But this was the day of the installation of the new Vicar. So onto a train at commuter time, standing, then straight to church, grabbing a quick burger on the way.

A quick wash and change of shirt, plus lots of deodorant, and I was ready for the service. The problem was I wasn’t going to lose any heat with all that deodorant, and I was playing percussion, which is not a way of cooling down either.

The end result that Monday night once I’d got home was a night of little sleep. Not just the temperature of the room, but I was feeling unwell. All that heat had got to me, I was unwell as a result of a mixture of heat and church.

Don’t get me wrong, as I said at the top appearances can be deceptive. I enjoyed the service very much. It was good to welcome Mike and his family to our church.

The next day at work was the same. HOT! The engineers had been informed but nothing yet. (It was fixed by Wednesday lunchtime.) Tuesday was a barbecue to Welcome Mike and Sophia. But this time I could visit home first, a cold bath meant that I was feeling a lot less unwell. A good evening.

In the end I don’t mind being unwell if something is as good as that.

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