Welcome to Huddersfield

Last Monday Mike Wilkins was installed at Holy Trinity, Huddersfield as our new Vicar. A formal welcome to the area.
On Tuesday there was  more informal welcome, a barbecue by members of a couple of house group members.
What happened between these two things is interesting.


Here’s a news angle on it:

New Vicar apprehends criminals.

Two criminals who were trying to steal the bell from the tower of  Holy Trinity church, Huddersfield were caught red handed  by the Vicar and Churchwardens.

The Vicar, Mike Wilkins, who had only been in the job a day when being shown around the church the door to the tower was broken in and open. One churchwarden remained at the bottom of the tower and dialled 101 to report it to the police. Mike and the other warden went up the narrow spiral staircase into the tower.

Voices were heard:

“The last time I nicked a bell,” came a voice from above.

“You’re not having this one!” replied the churchwarden, who dialled the police emengency line and blocked the would be theives escape.

Meanwhile, at the foot of the tower, the other warden was surprised to find the police arrive. And even more surprised to find people arrested.

That is not how we normally welcome people to Huddersfield.

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