Mud, mud, glorious mud

DSCF4121 Pateley Bridge, is a small town in Nidderdale, and here’s the bridge. Or at least I think there’s a bridge in there somewhere, but the number of trees around the river makes the bridge difficult to spot, unless you are standing on the bridge.

The reason for the trip out is the bank holiday, a day when everyone stops what they are doing. Unless they work in a shop, of a cafe or a pub or…. well it is supposed to be a national holiday, but not for a lot of people.


Here we are in what is effectively a very scenic food factory. Here you can buy fresh eggs, from the nearby farm, only laid an hour ago. Are they free range? Judge for yourself.

What is remarkable to a town dwelling donkey like me is the traffic, or lack of it. Beimg a bank holiday weekend you would expect the traffic to be heavy, but no. The quiet country town is still quiet. though the proportion of 4×4 vehicles is higher, and these are proper 4x4s with muddy wheels, not the off road vehicles of urban areas which are used for nothing more dramatic than the school run or trips to the supermarket.

English: Pateley Bridge High Street. In Nidderdale
English: Pateley Bridge High Street. In Nidderdale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Talking of mud, there was more mud to be seen on the way home, surprisingly in the city centre of Leeds, where we changed transport from bus to train. the bus station was filthy, the pavements more so, and the railway station — well that was a sight to behold. The culprits, festival goers.

If you want to see mud there’s no need to go to the countryside, go to Leeds city centre on the day the Leeds Festival has finished and the mud will come to you.

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