Back to York

Back to York, and the shop from where I was liberated.

Freea t last

The reason for the trip, the humans were meeting some people they’d met on the internet. I hear they’re all axe-murderers, but they seem happy to risk it, as it is some sort of religious connection. Ship of Fools they call themselves. Fools, sounds even more dangerous to me.  In any case I’m glad there were no axes around, someone must have known they were coming. Here’s the crowd, all that food for them and not even a nosebag of hay for me.

At table - 1at table 2
And again, this time without the blur:

table 3table 4

Many of them had been in the big churchConstantineThey have a lot of old Roman stuff here, from a guy who was in the city when he became the emperor (he must have been a powerful man, he wears lions on his feet)  to an old city wall, from where you can look down on people, there was a wedding reception going on in one of the gardens. Typical humans, can’t meet each other without eating.

Of the rest of the city, there was a food festival, and typical humans all went there at the same time, it was packed, so I was kept out of the way.

Then there was a shoe shop — and the humans went into one, nothing unusual there, especially for the female human. While we were in the hop, and the female one was trying on some shoes, another of the customers who was trying on a pair changed back in to her old shoes, dropped the new ones into a carrier bag and left the shop without paying. It would be a lot less easy to shoplift if they had hooves, and had to have their shoes nailed on.

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