The day God changed

14th March 2006 was the day God changed.

God the Father 01
God the Father 01 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

Or at least it was the day God changed for me. That was the day I had an accident. I blogged about it not long afterwards over on a now defunct site. That led to all kinds of questions as to what God was like.

What kind of God would would allow suffering? Why have I been  left using a stick to walk anything other than a short distance on the level? It is not as if God is incapable of healing. I have seen people improve as a result of prayer. I have seen people healed outright. I had received healing myself. I have even prayed for people and seen them healed. God can heal, so why didn’t he heal me completely this time?

God used to be the “Ancient of Days,” the old man in the clouds looking down from afar. Omnipotent but distant. Jesus, on the other hand was personal. What has happened over these last seven years plus isn’t that God has lost his omnipotence, but he is no longer distant.

It started on the hospital bed.  Having to rely fully on others, on doctors and nurses: And on God; taught me after a long time that God can be relied on. Fully. The God I believed in before was one who showed his favour in healing. Either I was not favoured by God, or God is cruel in the arbitrary way that he heals one person and not the other. But God has changed. God is now a loving God who is with us in the good times and the bad. God walks with us through our suffering.

So it wasn’t just Jesus who loved us. God was a loving Father as well. The love of Jesus is the love of the Father is the love of the Holy Spirit, it cannot be divided.

But God has changed into a much more loving God. God loves in all his parts. Or has God changed? It could be that God was loving all along, but I just didn’t realise it.

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