A grand day out.

Sunday 9th March

First a morning at church, then a walk into the town centre. As it was the second Sunday of the month Huddersfield has its up-market market, which is a lot less posh than it sounds, but there is always a good selection of pork pies and related things. the sausage barbecue was there again too. It’s mostly about food. Something to snack on before the main meal in the evening.

Then the slightly incongruous St Patrick’s day Parade. One week early. Leeds always has the St Pat’s Parade on the nearest Sunday to the right day, so Huddersfield does the week before. After that had gone past, twice. By moving not far you can see it twice.

Then to the Park, and a game of Petanque. before resting in the Pub for a real ale (or surreal cider).

And the sun was out. And the weather was warm. Warm enough for late spring, never mind early March. A good day.

Only one problem: Nobody took a camera.

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