Glad to be gay

This weekend there was a big change in British law, same sex marriages are now legal.

Let me get this straight (pun intended) I have no horse in this race. I am married with three grown kids. But I am glad for those in the LGBT community, glad that churches can opt in to this, and saddened that my denonination, the Church of England and Church in Wales are stilled banned in law from performing marriage rites for same sex couples.

To all those who were against this move, I do not feel that the nature of my marriage has changed because gays and lesbians are now legally married — welcone to the married club guys.

I don’t want to argue the politics or theology of this at the moment. Later when things have cooled. Right now I want to congratulate them.

And to finish: A reminder about how far things lave come since the bad old days of the 7os. Here’s Tom…


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