Life is fatal

Let’s face it, we’re all going to die. The fatality rate for Homo Sapiens is 100%.

That’s the science bit over. So what happens next? This is the field of theology, eschatology and other things with big names.

But me? what do I believe about death. Where do we go when we die?

I’d say nowhere. Dead is the end, you cease to be, you no longer exist. I find some of the things that I have heard from sermons in Christian churches at funerals to be completely against what I believe. “She’s slipped into another room,” sounds more like new age wishful thinking to me. Of course I am ignoring the pastoral implications here and dealing in esoteric subjects. What I have said above would be very hurtful at a funeral: Who wants to hear that a loved one is no more. But forget balance for a while.

I do not believe in a continuous existence. We have one life, then we die. That’s it

Well not quite it, Because I believe in resurrection.

We are just after Easter, and as a Christian I believe that in the same way that Christ was raised in the same way God will raise up. But for there to be resurrection there has to be death. real no-longer-existing death. And then we will be raised, given new bodies that do not decay.

This is the hope. Resurrection from the dead.

One thought on “Life is fatal

  1. I don’t even care about resurrection. It’s not that I don’t believe in it – it just isn’t relevant to me. I don’t need it to know that I must serve the God I love, and in whose love for me I trust, I live for what I can do to serve him/her not what I might get at the end. I know that s/he is a loving God and I’m happy to trust that whatever happens after I die is in his/her hands. I have no need to speculate. If I’m simply gone – that’s fine by me, if there is something more – that’s fine too.

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