I feel like I should pray, can you show me how?

“I feel like I should pray, can you show me how?” biker prayer The words of a grieving boy after the death of his teacher. (See previous blog.) But how do we deal with a question like this? Jesus gave his disciples the Lord’s Prayer when asked. It is a good blueprint for prayer. In reality when faced with this question the mind blanks, theology goes out of the window and we fall back on what we know, which is how we pray ourselves. If someone asks how to pray the easiest thing to do is to show them what you would do. Once I was asked this question by a biker. Not one of the really harcore bikers, but he had a bike, tattoos and hair. “Hoe do I pray?” he asked. “Talk to god like you would to a friend, be honest.” I said. He did. And he was. The language used was not what you would expect to hear in a church. Thankfully we were not in a church, so no one was offended by the colourful turns of phrase. It was very honest, and one of the most meaningful peayers I’ve ever heard, despite, or even because of, the language used. If I was asked the same question again and there was a chance that expletives were used again, would I give the same advice? Of course I would. The main thing is if we are to give advice on how we pray we had better be able to pray. We’d better keep in practice.

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