Theology changes its mind (conclusion)

I never set out to write a series of blogs like this.

The announcement by the Evangelical Alliance that the membership of Oasis Trust had been discontinued did not come as much as a surprise given the statements the Alliance had made into opposing same sex marriages. The EA press release mentioned what has been perceived by some as a campaign to change the Church’s historic view on human sexuality, and the later Members’ briefing mentioned the the Basis of Faith and also the Evangelical Relationships Commitment. 

The thing is I can see nothing in the Evangelical Alliances documents that is specifically against homosexual orientation or behaviour. I thoroughly endorse the Evangelical Alliances Basis of Faith and Relational Commitment, nowhere in the documents does it sy anything about the Church’s historic view on human sexuality.

What I have tried to do in the last 6 blogs is to look at the issue forom what the Bible says. And not only that but to take an Evangelical and conservative view on that as possible by using the  Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy as my basis for interpretation. At no point have I come cross anything in the Bible that cannot be interpreted within these narrow guidelines as being against same sex activity which is not capable of having some other meaning.

Since I wrote my findings that the sin of Sodom was pride and inhospitality rather than homosexuality I have come across a Jewish Rabbinic source which comes to the same conclusion by comparing the Genesis account with what the Prophets said.

I did not come to Christ by changing my behaviour, salvation is not by works. I accepted Christ and my behaviour started to change. The change was gradual, there re still things that need to change. To single out a group of people who yo want to change first before they become Christians is putting the cart before the horse. Perhaps you have a different Bible to mine, one which says that God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that all straight people who believe in him will not perish but have eternal life.

The gospel is for all, even if you think homosexual activity is sinful it is still wrong for you to put barriers up that would prevent them from looking to Jesus.


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