Chuffing trains (A rant)

firsttranspennineToday was the day of the big timetable change.

As a commuter I rely on the trains, today was the day that has been looked for.

From October they were reassuring us as we crammed into overcrowded carriages like sardines that new trains were to be bought in the new year.

New year arrived, nothing changed.

Then over the last few weeks signs have appeared on stations. First Transpennine Express, the train company, were to be increasing the service from four  trains an hour to five. Large full colour posters. But could I find out when the trains would run? No. Because despite all the money spent on publicising the changes the timetables were not published until six days before the changes were to come into force.

They are still advertising, an advert has just been on the TV. I can’t help thinking that a bit ;ess money on the adverts and more on the timetables would be better.

So how did it go?


All the trains I went for were delayed, the evening commute there were no trains until much later. Fortunately there was the stopping at every station train from Northern Trains, a little later now on the new timetable, and reduced to two carriages. So it was back to cramming in to the carriage sardine style.

As for the heralded new trains. They have bought electric trains and the line is not electrified. So the new trains run Manchester to Scotland and we get the old trains that have been replaced. We do get extra trains, but not the promised new ones.

Given a few days to get used to the timetables they might get it right. But after all the hype it should have been better.

Tell me what you think

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