What a name

Spain has a new king. But more importantly Spain has a new Queen. Queen Letizia.

USA - Spain - Royals - Spanish Princess Letizia

What a fantastic name. If both Grimm brothers, Hans Christian Andersen and the Disney publicity department could get together they would find it hard to come up with a more romantic sounding name foe a queen. Reality has become better than fairy tales, plus she has classic fairy tale good looks.

Names are important. Harry Truman does not sound distinctive without the S.

For people in the spotlight the name is very important. Look at how many musicians and actors have changed their real name to a more exotic sounding, or even bizarre, stage name. Fortunately there was never a Mrs. Loaf who called her baby Meat.

Even for royalty the names are important. Britain’s Kings use Regnal names, (as do popes) King George VI was called Albert before accession. So names are important, they have a meaning. The author Charles Dickens was the master of the name. A headmaster called Wackford Squeers? You can already tell what he’s going to be like.

In the Bible names are important too. Names have a function. Many Old Testament characters names were puns, based on something that was happening around the time of their birth, or conception — Isaac means laughter.

But one name stands out as having a function,  “you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”

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