Static cats

Cat owners, do you have a problem with static electricity. Does your cat shock you, literally. Well help is at hand, I have come across a web page dedicated to how to solve your problem. How to get rid of static electricity in a cat’s fur. The internet is nothing if not comprehensive.

The science of static has a long history. Even back in my school days you could rub a plastic rod with rabbit fur and both would become charged with electricity. The fur becomes positively charges and the rod negative. Judging from the website above it works with live cats.

So I’ve been thinking, why not utilise cats to generate electricity.

People are always looking for a green alternative to the electricity crisis. There has to be an alternative to fossil fuels. Wind power only works when it is windy, solar power only works when it is sunny and tidal power only works with the tides. What are we to do when it is dead calm, dark and between tides? After all no one wants a fracking rig in their backyard.

The answer is cats.

Now I am not suggesting that people start rubbing live cats with plastic rods. As well as being impractical on an industrial scale it is also cruel, people might get scratched. My suggestion is to get the cats to do their own generating and minimise the risk of scratching. A hungry cat will rub up against anything.

The design is to have the cats sleep at one end of a building. Through a one way cat flap is a room with lots of plastic rods placed at intervals so that the cats cannot pass through without rubbing against the rods. The result is negatively charged rods and positively charged cats. The charge fron the rods can be collected and the cats are discharged as they go through another one way cat flap.

This could be the answer to the energy crisis: Cat power.


No. not that one; this one.


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