Latest conquest – Rape culture.

From Metro 14/01/2015:

Rhianna looked sheepish after it emerged she may be Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest conquest.

Yes that’s right, conquest. Yet again the idea of man as predator woman as prey has come out in the press. Metro, the free newspaper picked up on buses ans at train stations in the UK uses the quote above to start an article in its entertainment pages.

It is no wonder there is a rape culture among some men in Britain if one of the most read (and most discarded) newspapers in the country uses this language. Why is it never the man who is the conquest? And even if it were it does not make it right, people are not prizes to be won.

So the paper available free to those who travel on public transport, which includes schoolchildren too young to drive, is using language that supports the wrong idea that women are things to be won. Shame on you.

To make it clear, in case Mr DiCaprio’s lawyers get to see this, I see no evidence that Mr DiCaprio sees Rhianna as a conquest. My beef is with the Metro reportage.

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