Billy and John


That’s Billy Graham and John Stott, two Evangelical leaders from two different countries that both supported each others work and also disagreed on seriou s points.

1974, the year I became a Christian all over again, was the year of the fall out. Graham wanted the evangelical church to focus on Evangelism, Stott wanted to focus on social action as well, saying it was necessary as part of the Great Commission. Stott won.

Then there were the ripples after Stott had come out as an Anihilationist in 1988. Billy Graham was not.

Yet despite differences in their theology at a fundamental level, at Stott’s death in 2011 Graham was able to say, “The evangelical world has lost one of its greatest spokesmen, and I have lost one of my close personal friends and advisors. I look forward to seeing him again when I go to Heaven.”

Sadly not all Christian leaders are able to work together and support each other when the theology does not match. Dogma should never trump praxis, instead of being known by how they love each other Christians are too often seen to be fighting each other verbally if not physically.

So let Billy and John be an example. Support one another. Work with one another. Even if you disagree. No scrub that. Especially if you disagree.

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