I’m having a bit of fun with this blog, just following a train of thought, with no idea where the argument is going:

What would Jesus really do?

wwjdSilly idea, but this most overused phrase (WWJD, or what would Jesus do) is not what some would think.

If Jesus were around today, what would he be doing? Would he be supporting the big society, as Prime Minister David Cameron has recently suggested? Or maybe he’d have his TV programme, or station. Or use  social media like Face book, Twitter, Instaram, Pinterest etc. and be a celebrity blogger.

I can’t see it being any of these. Firstly we have the advice of Jesus to a rich ruler who came to him to give away all he had for the poor, or the example of the early church in the days following pentecost having all things in common. Does this sound like Cameron’s big society? When I see the Prime Minister leading by example by giving away his wealth and encouraging his posh freinds to do the same I will start to listen. Until then I am applying another Biblical maxim, it is by their fruit you will know them.

As for the Celebrity Jesus. In his lifetime Jesus seemed to have shunned the limelight. He could have been a celebrity healer at Capernaum; but instead, after getting up early enough to avoid detection when he went to pray, he left the crowds who were looking for him, to go to the other villages.

Some of the things that Jesus did when he was on earth are not what the WWJD crowd would have him do.

Would their Jesus leave the Capernaum crowds behind? Especially as it came on the morning after a healing evening, How many sick were in those in the village streets?

Would your Jesus turn traders out of a place of worship, and use a whip doing so.

Would your Jesus insult the powers that be, calling them whitewashed tombs full of dead bones?

If your answer to any of these is no then your WWJD is probably wrong. Your Jesus is just too nice.

Jesus could be aggressive, but I can only see it directed at those in power, never to those at the bottom of society. But criticising the rich and powerful is not nice. Hanging out with the low lifes as well as the respectable is not nice. If you want Jesus to be nice you have got the wrong Jesus.

aif he were here on earth in the 21st Century What Would Jesus Really Do?

I do not know, but I would not expect it to be nice. Saving the world takes something a lot more powerful than niceness.


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