I don’t want to be chosen.

I’m watching The Ark on BBC for two reasons, firstly I’m always interested in how modern storytellers adapt stories from the Bible. And secondly to get an idea of what Morocco, where the programme was filmed and where we will be on holiday this year, is like. The blog title is a quote from Noah’s wife when Noah tells her that God wants him to build a boat in the desert. “God didn’t choose us, he chose you. I don’t want to be chosen.”

The-Ark-269233Without the budget of a Hollywood blockbuster, the story is concentrating on relationships and trust, Noah has faith in God, and because of trust builds a boat in a desert, up a hill, 70 miles from the coast. Noah’s  wife has faith in her husband, and picks up a hammer to help. And theres a fourth son, partly as a plot device to move the story along, and partly to emphasise the sense of loss. That believing  can be difficult is the message

There were anachronisms, but again they were used a plot points, the wickedness of the people, which was the reason for the flood, sounded like a description of attitudes in twentyfirst century Britain.  A good retelling, with a focus on the people and relationships rather than the animals, which only make a cameo appearance.

I liked it, more like this BBC.

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