A reflection for Holy Saturday in the form of a multi-verse haiku.

They saw you hanging.
Taken down, taken away.
Laid on a cold slab.

They had hoped you’d win.
Return God’s land to his own:
Remove the Roman.

And you did nothing.
In giving them no reply
You let them kill you.

The hope of the world,
Their hope, the only hope for
Israel is gone.

Two thousand years on
I think on their great despair,
Comprehending not.

The smell of baking
Aromas from the kitchen
Celebration due.

You did not stay dead.
When you died you destroyed death,
And God raised you up.

For I know the end –
When you arose from the grave
You showed that love wins.

So I am asking
When is my resurrection?
When will I be healed?

I know you can heal.
What is your purpose in this?
Take away this pain.

You are risen, Lord,
But I still feel my despair.
I still feel my pain.

You are risen Lord,
But my resurrection waits.
Raise me, Lord, free me.


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