Different ways

On the last day of the Holy Trinity Church weekend we were given a catch phrase, you know one of those short and supposed to be memorable. Like all other so called memorable phrases before I have forgotten it.

So here is the long, boring, catch phrase free version.

The church is suffering from amnesia. That is one phrase I can remember as it was said at every session, sometimes more than once.  That could be the answer to remembering phrases: Repetition.

But this is not supposed to be a blog about memorable phrases, but the stream of conciousness way I write means I get away from the theme easily. I need to focus.

So back to the church weekend.

There are lots of ways that people can come to Christ. For too long churches have been saying “This is the way we do things. You must become like us.” The church is for everyone, which means there have to be different ways of coming to Christ. And as people are different, there have to different ways of being the church.  Different typs of services at different times for different people.

There, that wasn’t as long or boring as I feared.

If only I could remember catch phrases. That could have been easier.

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