Old freinds

I’m jealous of Pete. (He’s the one in the first picture with his back turned.)

In the pub this week he was the only man who still had his hair. The force may not be strong with us, but male patent baldness certainly is.
P1000247 The people were all people who went to Calvary Coffee Bar, a group of Christian teens and twenties who met in Huddersfield town centre in the ’70s and early ’80s.

We identified as youths back then. Now we are a little less than youthful, Even our children are adults now.

The pictures are from last weekend. We met up because one of us has emigrated to Canada, and was back in Britain for a short while. Harry, who I used to share a flat with, had not seen us since 1979. This was last Saturday afternoon in the Greenhead Park Conservatory. (There was a later meet in a pub.)

A comment on Facebook about this group:
“Many of you guys have had a massive impact on Huddersfield churches and the town’s Christian heritage! I feel privileged to have been influenced by that heritage – probably wouldn’t be where I am with the Lord today otherwise.”

So here are some more who once were youths:


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