News: Paris 13/11/2015.

At least 120 dead, 200 injured, 80 of them seriously are the figures in the aftermath of terrorist attacks in Paris.If you count the relatives that is a lot of people affected. The question is being asked, why do they do it?

I have no wish to be patronising, but what a terrorist wishes to achieve is terror.

It isn’t about the numbers killed from their point of view. But if they can make people afraid to go out for a meal on an evening then they have won.

If they can make people afraid to go to a football match then they have won.

If they can make people afraid to go to rock concerts, or any other kind of concert, then they have won.

People generally trust their government to keep them safe. Even people with political ideologies opposed to the politics of the government mostly trust their government to keep them safe. Only when that trust is gone will the start of the slide into anarchy begin.

The so called Islamic State may have claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks, but what happened there is very different to what is happening in Iraq and Syria. France has a stable government. Iraq and Syria have not.

Twelve years on from the 2003 war the winning powers, USA, UK and Australia, have not been able to provide the country with a government that is trusted. It is easy for the terrorist here. Similarly the attempts to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad has left the government there destabilised. Where the army of  a country are not organised the guerillas and terrorists have an easy task.

What happened yesterday, and at the Charlie Hebdo offices in January, are not only not in the same scale as Iraq and Syria, they are not even the same thing. There are just the first attempts at destabilisation.

I grew up in the mainland campaigns of the IRA. As these attempts at terrorism proved futile an agreement was finally found around the negotiation table. I pray that IS will agree to talk, but fear that the time for negotiations is not yet here. IS are not willing to talk, they boast that they will execute anyone who tries to negotiate with them.

All we can do is pray.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

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